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In the United States, if you are under 18 years old, are a noncitizen or have certain criminal history, you are not permitted to vote in elections. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be civically engaged. Here are some ways for you to ensure that your voice is heard besides voting:  

  • Keep up to date with politics, educate yourself, and figure out what your beliefs are!  

  • Volunteering with nonprofit organizations such as Mano a Mano Family Resource Center. 

  • Make sure your friends and family that can vote, do vote. Let them know how important it is to go to the polls!  

  • If you have a candidate that you support, volunteer to work on their campaign! This is an effective way to get involved and help get the candidate you want to represent you elected.  

  • Make use of public forums such as Facebook and Instagram, your local newsletters, and more! That is a great place to share what you believe in and spread awareness.  

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