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Community & Policy Advocacy

Mano a Mano recognizes that advocacy on behalf of our community is an essential strategy to accomplishing our stated vision and mission.  We acknowledge that influencing public policy, decision-making processes, and public sentiment are legal and powerful ways to advance the interests of our community and our organization.  

As an organization, Mano a Mano seeks to be a thought leader in the State of Illinois on immigrant integration programming and policies. We recognize that advocacy is not only limited to influencing legislation and policy, but also includes: building community awareness; educating the community and decision-makers; and elevating the voices of immigrant families in all forums.

    Therefore, and in compliance with regulations governing nonprofit advocacy and lobbying, Mano a Mano commits to engaging in regular advocacy to both advance the interests of the organization and also the interests and well-being of our clients.  Furthermore, in a situation where a policy directly impacts the mission of Mano a Mano, we commit to taking a local leadership role in advocating for a positive outcome on that issue. 

    Aligned with our programming, Mano a Mano organizes our advocacy focus into five areas: Health, Adult Education, Early Childhood Education, Immigration, and Social Services Funding.

    For more information about our Advocacy work, contact Celeste Flores, Director of Community Building. 

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