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Mano a Mano is focused on preparing parents and children to succeed in the U.S. school system by making sure that they have the tools and resources to start kindergarten with the skills that they need to succeed.  Eighty-five percent of the children we work with never go to preschool, which means that the first day of kindergarten is the first time they have any exposure to academic content. We want to make sure that they start at grade level and are set up to achieve.  Successful Children Program Initiatives include:

  • Kinder Camps: working with pre-kindergarteners and their parents to develop the basic academic and socio-emotional skills needed to start kindergarten at grade level and coaching the parents to be their child’s first teacher; and
  • Early Intervention Screenings: working in partnership with the Special Education District of Lake County (SEDOL) to identify learning disabilities in young learners as early as possible in order to ensure immediate attention to their special needs.
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Successful Children Program

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