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Productive Parents Program

Focused on adult learning, workforce development, and improving community members’ economic prosperity and opportunities, Mano a Mano is committed to providing a trusted and safe environment where adults of all ages can come to learn, gain new skills, and find a better job.  We meet our client where they are at educationally and work with them to establish and achieve their goals.  Productive Parents Program Initiatives include:

  • English Language Acquisition: working in partnership with the College of Lake County, we offer multi-level English language courses, ranging from basic to advanced classes;
  • GED in Spanish: offering individual GED subject area classes in order to prepare students to take this high school equivalency test so that they can either continue their education or obtain employment;
  • Digital Literacy: offering the basics of computer use, typing classes, and other classes focused on specific softwares such as the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Education and Employment Coaching: providing one-on-one case management with community members to support the continuing of their education (past GED for example) and/or in obtaining a better job based on their skills and interest.

For more information about classes or volunteer opportunities, contact Jorge Sanchez, Program Coordinator.

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