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Healthy Families Program

Healthy Families: focused on helping immigrant families integrate and orient themselves to the U.S. healthcare system and to live their healthiest lives.  Healthy families mean healthy communities.  Healthy Families Program Initiatives include:

  • Health Education & Literacy: implementing a large-scale health education outreach effort in order to improve health literacy and understanding of the health care system through education and training; implemented by our Health Education Team (which includes both volunteer community health workers or promotores de salud and Mano a Mano staff);
  • Access to Care: acting as the gateway to the health and human services sector of Lake County, we provide health case management to support families in gaining access to care (application support for public benefits, health insurance, and other service enrollment) and information, facilitating access to free health screenings, and providing referrals to other Lake County-based human services providers; 
  • Healthy Living: providing educational, affordable, fun, and healthy lifestyle activities to the community; that are culturally relevant and improve the quality of life of individuals in the community through our community garden (hosted by Murphy Elementary School) and free seasonal weekly Zumba classes.

To schedule an appointment for public benefits support, call 847-201-1521.

To request health education and/or outreach support, contact Irma Barrientos, Program Manager.

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