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Mano a Mano recognizes that advocacy on behalf of our community is an essential strategy for accomplishing our stated vision and mission.  We acknowledge that influencing public policy, decision-making processes, and public sentiment are legal and powerful ways to advance the interests of our community and our organization.  

As an organization, Mano a Mano seeks to be a thought leader in the state of Illinois on immigrant integration programming and policies. We recognize that advocacy is not only limited to influencing legislation and policy but also includes: building community awareness; educating the community and decision-makers; and elevating the voices of immigrant families in all forums.

We are part of state coalitions that continue to make Illinois the most welcoming state in the nation. We are a member organization of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) and Healthy Illinois Campaign,  

ICIRR 2023 Policy Platform

Mano a Mano Family Resource Center is a member organization of ICIRR. Our Executive Director is the board president of ICIRR. Our Director of Community Building sits on their Action Council. 

Collectively, ICIRR member organizations ratified the 2023 policy platform and publicly announced it in October 2022. 

READ/DOWNLOAD ICIRR's 2023 Policy Platform (PDF)

Want to join our efforts? Contact Celeste Flores @ 

You can also email your state legislators here to either thank them for signing onto the platform or ask them for their support if they haven't signed on already

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