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Mano a Mano's mission is to empower immigrant families to become full participants in their community.

Our vision is an integrated community where everyone has access to opportunities and pathways to success

Serving Lake and McHenry Counties, Mano a Mano is located in Round Lake Park and has community sites in Mundelein, Highland Park, and Wauconda.

Sana tu vida

Through its Healthy Families program, Mano a Mano has taken on the important task of creating an initiative designed to meet the needs of our community. The program includes a transformation and empowerment workshop led by Elva Patricia González, an Emotional Empowerment Mentor from Colibri Holistic Center.

This workshop is designed to help individuals grow emotionally and mentally, providing them with the tools they need to find their way and achieve their goals.


Is a flourishing and picturesque area that has become an essential part of the community. It provides a platform for learning about the fruits and vegetables grown by local members.

The garden has brought the community closer by creating a space for people to work together, build relationships, and share knowledge, stories, and experiences. Families who previously had little opportunity to interact can now do so. All are welcome in the garden!

Moreover, the garden has significantly impacted the community's health and well-being.


At the start of the pandemic, we established an initiative to keep our community informed and connected with the latest updates on COVID-19.

As time passed, this program gained popularity among community members for its reliability and became a valuable source of information and connection, as its name suggests.

Every Wednesday at 4:30 pm, we host Facebook and Youtube live programs where we discuss important community topics and engage with our audience.

Join us!

Many people are and will be losing their jobs and will have no resources to cover their basic needs.

We need to act now to ensure that EVERYONE in our community is taken care of during this emergency.

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